FAQ for our Virtual EIE22 Event

The platform will run best of Google Chrome of Firefox. Please use one of these two browsers only.

Log in using the same address you registered with.

Your profile is populated based on the information you provided during registration.

You can update your profile by performing the following steps (see image below)

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner
  2. Click on “edit registration info”
  3. On the screen that appears update any/all of your registration information
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to save your changes

Upon logging into the virtual environment, you will be placed in the event foyer. Use the navigation areas outlined in red to move from room to room within the virtual environment. You can also get a copy of the agenda and help from our help desk staff.


The Auditoriums are where the “main stage” presentations and live webinars will be located. On-demand (recorded) content will be accessible from this areas as well.

Click directly on the content screen to display the content window.

See image below. 1.


Prior to content being accessible – the button will show as “Scheduled”. The button will change to say “Launch” or “Play” when the content is available, click the Launch/Play button to access the webinar content. 2. A countdown timer is displayed until 5 minutes before the designated event start time. 3. Share a content item via the “Share” button. 4. Click the briefcase icon to save the item to your briefcase to access/view later. webinars

To access the cohort booths, click, International Market Square --> EIE22 Cohort.

The booths are in alphabetical order just scroll left to right using the arrows and click on the company booth you wish to visit.

Cohort PavilionOnce you select a cohort booth you can view the companies brochure page leaflet & any other documents they have added, there is a video chat function too where you can chat face to face! Note company pitches will appear here after they have been presented in the main auditorium (See separate section)

To access the sponsors booths, click, International Market Square --> EIE22 Sponsors.

The booths are in alphabetical order just scroll left to right using the arrows and click on the company booth you wish to visit.

Sponsor booth index

You can also access their booths by clicking their logos on the white banners in the foyer.

Click on the International Virtual Market Place, on the singposts in the foyer or on the pink navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The international market square is where you will find all attendees' booth and pavilions.International Virtual Market Place 

Booth Reps

Any of the booths throughout the EIE22 event have an info representative button top right where you can chat with the booth rep. Click the Info/Rep icon to view the Rep information: If the chat bubble next to the rep name is green it indicates they are online and grey to indicate they are offline. Click the green chat bubble to initiate a 1 to 1 chat. Or click the envelope icon to send an email to the rep. Click the social media icons to view their related social media profiles. See image below:

Booth reps

Public Chat

  1. If Public Chat is enabled it will auto-launch when you enter the Booth or you can activate it by clicking the chat icon(s) within the Booth.
  2. If you need to translate comments into different languages, click the translate comments box to select your preferred language.

Public ChatPrivate Chat

When a user initiates a one to one chat with you, an audible chime will sound three times. Click on the chat icon on the navigation bar to start a chat or view/respond to an active chat.

private chat

Private Chat - Video

You can also have a private video chat within the 6Connex platform.

Broadcast Message

Broadcast Messages will appear as a pop up message within the virtual environment.

Click directly on the button within the pop up to access content or go directly to the location noted in the message.

Broadcast Message Briefcase

  1. Click the briefcase icon to open the Briefcase:
  2. Here you will find all the documents that were pre-loaded for you or that you saved during the event.
  3. You can view, share, or download these content items.
  4. Download content items by clicking the box next to the item and clicking the “download selected” button. Note – links cannot be exported to download.



We now have a new matchmaking feature which uses machine learning to match you with people in the environment with similar interests to you.

  1. Click the matchmaking icon to open the the feature.
  2. This will open up an image of your profile with others circling around it. The ones closer to you indicate those that have more in common.
  3. Click someones profile and you can either chat to them if they are online or send them an email.



Please see the image below and use the commands on your browser to ensure the environment sits how it does in the picture.

If you are having issues please ensure you use Chrome and try incognito mode if issues persist.

Booth reps

For technical help please use the help desk found in the foyer where some one from the team will be on hand to help.