23 April 2020

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Until EIE 2020!



23 April 2020




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EIE is the premier technology investor showcase. Our annual EIE conference features Scotland´s most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.

Why #team matters - especially when you're seeking #investment - @robuk @FraserLusty @GforGrowth and @colinhewitt share their thoughts with @talent_spark https://t.co/SCyfHaKDDS #PeopleMakeTheBusiness #startup #scaleup

Currently reading https://t.co/J6OgyVSFAo
Another reminder of what a phenomenal job the team @Skyscanner have achieved. Well done all.

Nice to see so many #EIE alums on this list - 8 of Glasgow's Coolest Technology Startups https://t.co/7scmysBq27 via @digitfyi

👉 Have you seen the stand-up routing from our PhD student Naomi Saphra? She’s talking about manoeuvring the world of research including evil funders and keeping her motivation up! https://t.co/rIE7ffD8fz
❗ [Warning – this video is PG14!]

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