EIE 2020 will be held on 23 April 2020


23 April 2020




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EIE is the premier technology investor showcase. Our annual EIE conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.

Who is EIE for?

We welcome applications from the following data-driven nine sectors:

New desk being fitted at work so got in a lunchtime swim. Managed to achieve 1/65th of what @Sarahswims04 achieved last weekend! #InspiredFriday And no jellyfish or cold to contend with!

Thank you & well done @PresentPal_ !! Great #EIE19 shout out - "The support and upskilling that the EIE programme provides has been invaluable for our company, allowing us to construct a firm ‘ask’ and flourishing our team’s confidence." So glad to hear it was valuable 😀

https://t.co/DhtjMxrYam Congratulations to EIE alumni company -Talking Medicines @TMedicines who won the Invested Business of the Year category with an app that helps patients to make the best use of prescription medicines at the Women's Enterprise Scotland Awards last night.

Hacking AMR 2019 This will be a fantastic event. Will we see new digital entrepreneurs from Edinburgh or UK picking up to the opportunity to tackle #AMR? @infventures @UoE_EFI @DataLabScotland @FarrInstitute @edinhacklab @edin_EID @EdinInnovations @JPIAMR https://t.co/TzD6LDeZq0

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