EIE is an Investor Readiness Programme that offers the most advanced start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to undergo an intensive programme to make them investor ready. This programme culminates at our technology investor showcase, where we bring together our cohort of incredible companies with international investors. Please purchase your tickets here for this year’s showcase taking place virtually on 6th October 2022.

As we lead up to the showcase, we are pleased to offer you an in-depth look at the companies in our current cohort.

The cohort for EIE22 comprises of the most innovative companies spanning multiple sectors of interest, and in this new series of stories, we will feature companies that will be pitching for investment at the investor showcase in early October.

Our next feature is on Rostra Therapeutics.

The vision of Rostra Therapeutics is to “restore health and save lives globally with innovative medicines.”

Over 15 million people die every year from infection diseases, and while we have a range of treatments, there is a worrying increase in anti-microbial resistance (AMR). More than 1.7 million people died from bacterial AMR in 2019 alone and by 2050 AMR is projected to cause more deaths than the current death rate due to cancer.

Anti-microbial resistance is when a disease-causing microbe develops the ability to survive exposure to an antimicrobial agent, which was previously an effective treatment, through mutation or gene transfer. In other words, AMR leads to medicines that worked before becoming no longer effective.

Founded by David Findlay (CEO), John Mulgrew (COO), Dr Fraser Scott (CSO designate), Professor Colin Suckling (Scientific Advisor), Professor Iain Hunter (Scientific Advisor), Rostra Therapeutics is developing novel anti-infective compounds designed to restore health and save lives. This is due to their unique multiple mode of action that delivers high pathogen killing across many different pathogen types, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.  Additionally, binding to many sites on pathogen genome, delivers resilience to resistance development.

While the compounds that Rostra Therapeutics are developing, called Second generation Strathclyde Minor Groove Binders (S-MGBs), show promising efficacy against many pathogens, with over 1.5 million people dying of serious fungal disease each year, Rostra Therapeutics is initially focussed on serious fungal infections.

Their initial objective is to generate preclinical data, which informs on the safety and efficacy of the molecular technology platform. Pre-clinical work makes it possible for the team to progress to the human stage of clinical product development, but it costs a great deal of money to obtain.

“We believe that EIE will help Rostra to develop a wining pitch and successfully land the large-scale investment and partnerships to bring our technology platform forward,” says David Findlay.

The team at Rostra know exactly what they’re looking for in investors.

“We desire smart capital with experience in investing in pharmaceutical therapies that will bring experience and know-how to help deliver value to patients and clinicians as quickly as possible. Investors need to have a longer-term strategy aligned to Rostra’s vision and objectives.”

You can purchase tickets now to watch Rostra Therapeutics and our 35 other companies in the EIE22 cohort presenting to investors and pitching for investment at the premier showcase taking place this year on 6th October.

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