Getting the most from Virtual EIE20

We recognise that this may be the first virtual event you have attended and it’s not entirely easy to get your head around how it all might work? So we chatted to Lev Cribb, Managing Director at, our delivery partners for the event to get his thoughts on how to get the most from the day.

Tip 1 – Treat your digital event like a physical one 

Take some time to walk the show floor and familiarise yourself with all the activities and opportunities available on the day. Find the booths you want to visit, check out who is attending and get to understand how you might navigate the event. 

It is essential to set aside the same amount of time you had planned to be at the physical event and commit to the experience. Those we speak to who have got the most from the event are those that have committed the time, as they would a physical event. 

To that end, remove all the potential distractions. You would still be able to answer emails, and engage on social media at the physical event, but we would advise that you close down Slack and your emails and give yourself the time to focus on the event.

Tip 2 – Review the agenda in advance

Take some time, in advance of the event to review the agenda and schedule in what you want to see and when you need to be online. Look at the delegate lists, and review the sponsors and presenting companies and plan who you want to chat to.

Tip 3 – Plan your day and set reminders 

Once you have reviewed the agenda, take the time to plan out your day. Set yourself reminders in your calendar which will help you dip in and out if you need to.

Tip 4 – Seek out key information

The whole point of these events is to gather information to help you grow your business or portfolio. So, identify how you can capture that information and who you need to speak too. 

Remember, you will be able to engage with the companies and their representatives during the day if you plan out your meetings. 

This experience will be far easier online than it might have been if you had to walk the floor at a physical event.

Tip 5 – Continue the conversation digitally online

It could be during the event itself, or it could be via social channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can carry on the conversation after the event. 

It will be a far easier process to engage with three or four people at once via LinkedIn than it might have been physically at the event. 

Virtual EIE

Overall the experience will be just as engaging and entertaining if you commit your time and plan. The technology is there to make life much more comfortable and to provide an even more incredible array of people to engage.