[EIE 2016 Alumni]

Steve Pearce was a university student when he spotted a gap in the market. Products like flights and hotel rooms are aggregated and ranked for price on websites like SkyScanner and Trivago – but when it comes to event tickets, consumers are largely on their own.

Last year, we received an investment of £3 million from BGF Ventures to build our team, develop our technology, expand our service across new sectors and launch TickX across Europe.

This has allowed us to grow fast with over 2.5 million people using TickX in 2018 to plan their perfect day or night out and we’ve now partnered with over 100 ticket partners to give customers the full range of options to find the best tickets for events and cinema trips. In addition, we’ve launched our AI-powered personalised discovery platform, designed to make it easier than ever to be informed of the experiences you love.


Published 10 June 2019