Interview with Kevin Davidson of The Property Angel

PUBLISHED ON 21 October 2019

We recently interviewed Kevin Davidson from The Property Angel to find out how he found his participation in EIE, read on to find out what he had to say!

In a few sentences, what is your service and/or product offering?

Our platform provides free trusted property expertise, guidance, support and supplier recommendations for prospective home movers throughout their whole journey through the property minefield from their 1st thought of moving to 1st night in their new home and way beyond.

Could you expand on what parts of the EIE acceleration programme were the most useful for you? How did the training help you improve the prospects for your company?

-Pitch training with Maryanne Johnstone helped the message become concise and easily understandable. I worked and continue to preach on the 135 words a minute message whether it’s a 1 minute or a 20 minute pitch.

-Breathing exercises from opera singer and co helped control nerves and be in control of situation before going on stage

These both helped as the calmness I felt before going on stage was only taken from the confidence gained from both of these which helped me deliver a controlled pitch.

What contacts did you make due to your EIE participation? Were you contacted after the event by investors for example? If so can you detail how these conversations went?

Entrepreneur support network of like-minded people who when you meet them you have a connection with forever as you know what they’ve been through with you in the EIE trenches.

Investors –Nationwide responded to my 60 sec pitch which was clear enough for them to understand and confirm that this is the type of thing they are looking to invest in if the intention is to go nationwide with it. We remain in touch with them as we build out the platform. Having launched in Edinburgh, we are now targeting the Home Counties around London.

Where were you as a company before EIE compared with where are you now? How have you had to adapt to change?

Before EIE, we had yet to launch the latest version of the platform.

After it we launched in Edinburgh and we are set to launch in London next.

With the new site live, we are testing and learning and are having to respond to live user feedback.

Since your participation in EIE have you hired more staff? If so, what types of employees have you hired and how have they helped with business growth?

No, but we have worked with a number of external contractors until we are in a position of being able to take on full time staff.