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Each Platinum and Gold sponsor at  EIE has  a ‘pod’ which is displayed in the basement of the McEwan Hall on the day of EIE.

You will find your exhibition pod is an excellent place to meet with visitors on the day of EIE. Examples of pods show left. Your finished artwork should be sent to Ronnie.Johnston@ed.ac.uk 

As your artwork is likely to be a large file (and we can only accept up to 12MB via email) we suggest you use We Transfer which is both easy to use and free.

If you require help with your pod graphics please contact www.redblugraphics.co.uk

They will be able to help you with any aspects of print set-up, graphic design can be produced too (for an additional charge).

Exhibition Pods

Note: the 'Numbered header panel' is printed by Informatics Ventures so doesn't require artwork, no artwork is required for the counter top.

pod artwork
pod artwork