Virens Technology

Business Proposition

Virens Tech enables better living at home for older adults by radar motion tracking solution. The 60GHz millimeter radar motion sensors capture the 3D model according to clients’ motions  . And it is a self-driven and decentralized approach to quantify patients’ health conditions. Fully automated system secured continuous at home social care.

Social care is a critical part of the aging industry. There are over 3 million home alone elderly in the UK. Although the government tries to enable patients to stay with family, there is no effective measure to monitor patients’ health conditions at home. Current technology for home-based social care relies on clients’ anticipation like smartwatch or wristband alarms. No existing technology can effectively quantify clients’ mobility and daily routine behaviors.

Virens Tech radar solution captures clients’ motions. The algorithm formulates the 3D motion model according to clients’ motions. The consolidated motions can evaluate clients’ daily routines and mobility status. Without intruding on users’ privacy, radar can monitor users’ daily routine, mobility and moving speed. Overall user’s health index can be evaluated by daily routine and mobility changes.

Investment Ask

GBP £350k