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Business Proposition

The UK as 26 million residential homes, that emit 22% of the CO2 given off in the UK. 70% are owner occupied, and a significant change needs to be made to take these families on a journey to Net Zero for their home.

The UK government has set challenging timescales for the reduction of carbon in the UK (carbon neutral by 2050) and are looking for ways to involve companies with large work forces in the UK to facilitate part of these changes through their workforce. Large organisations are also looking for ways to reduce their extended carbon footprint as office staff work from home through Covid and this is likely to be the norm going forward.

Individual homeowners are in the main committed to making sustainable changes for good, but there is a lot of information out there, lots of options to improve and limited time to research options and alternatives. This leads to a slowing of tangible actions being made to residential housing

A blanket approach does not always work as it depends on where a homeowner is in their life journey. They may intend to stay in their current home for a matter of months or for the rest of their life. Decisions on capital spend, disruption and payback, will depend on these factors as well as an individuals ‘green agenda’.

Its important for homeowners to have a series of small, medium and large steps in their journey to align to their current goals.

ThermaFY Eco provides a personalised home efficiency survey for each employee of an organisation, visiting their homes to take thermal images of their central heating and review the overall energy efficiency of overall house. This generates an indicative EPC rating along with a series of suggested next steps to improve the efficiency of their heating and their home. This is generated in a ‘Home Health’ app, showing where they are today and steps, challenges, and suppliers they can use to improve their scores.

This ‘gameafication’, can then be consolidated to set challenges, show trends, and highlight improvements at department and company level. For the first time an organisation has baselined data on the impact on carbon from their employees’ homes.

Although there are competitors in the marketplace who carry out part of our overall survey (Domestic Energy Assessors) , our USP and differentiator is our use of thermal imagery to highlight issues with heating and insulation of the home. Our software, the reporting mechanism and background management information has been developed by us over the last 3 years, using specialist thermal cameras linked to mobile devices. This integrates with our software through and app, and has been piloted and is ready for full rollout.

We have a European Patent Application lodged and are working through the remaining questions and challenges from the assessors. This is due to be completed in Q2 2022.

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