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Business Proposition

Smplicare’s Heathy-Ageing-as-a-service model delivers a clear game-changing service-led innovation by adding five years of healthy, independent life to our customers by 2035. Independence is defined as a person’s ability to engage freely in one’s chosen lifestyle at home and in the world around them. As we age, independence requires progressively more support from family, friends, and the community around us. By focusing on both the ageing population and the family Carers that support them, we can prevent adverse health outcomes and deliver multi-generational behaviour change.

To continue to independently do the things we love as we age, we need a greater understanding of our own health and wellbeing, and better tools that equip the over 13 million U.K. family Carers with the capabilities and confidence to provide effective care to their ageing loved ones. SmpliCare takes data-driven advanced analytics emerging in healthcare and offers them to consumers in a simple platform that helps the whole family remain active, productive, and socially connected for as long as possible. Democratising information is a core component of delivering lasting behaviour change – people want to understand “the why” before committing to the “the how”. By distilling medical research and adapting training and skills development from professional healthcare to the family Carer and ageing loved one context, we’re empowering individuals towards effective self-management of general health and eventually more complex issues.

Smplicare helps our customers track the information and insights they need to proactively manage health as they age while adapting market leading wearables like Fitbit to the healthy ageing context and applying advanced data analytics. By applying existing technologies to a new area, we limit upfront hardware costs, allow customers to use the technology they are already familiar with, and avoid the negative stigma that comes with devices designed specifically for the elderly. We’re focused on prevention rather than detection, alerting people where behaviour change is needed before conditions decline.

Bridgit Care’s watch costs £300 and has a 4-week battery life but there is a Garmin activity tracker that is waterproof, has a 365-day battery, and only costs £50, which might be a better-fit solution for those who want to stay at home for longer but are living on a fixed income. By focusing on adding value and functionality to the devices people have today, we can offer a more competitive, flexible pricing model that achieves much higher uptake of our service than other providers. This flexibility will also allow us to move into adjacent markets such as homecare, care homes, and social care provided by Local Councils as we can adapt the software platform to the context.

Smplicare’s business model addresses inequities between the richest and the poorest. We will offer flexible tiered pricing allowing customers to tailor our solution to their evolving needs. A free version, oriented around our current SaaS product, enables customers to track, trend, and manage key globally recognised healthy ageing metrics and increase Carer capabilities without the automated analytics from wearables and digital health devices. The project will help us achieve financial sustainability which will allow us to add features and functionalities that deliver solutions with high technology and market readiness.

Investment Ask

£500k – £999k