2022 Cohort smash



Business Proposition

SMASH disrupts the traditional landscape by exposing new talent to the market.
SMASH connects diverse, innovative content creators with producers/commissioners/directors/financiers – with the decision makers.
We streamline processes, create efficiencies and bring transparency to a process that is ripe for transformation.
We were finalists in the Investing Women AccelerateHER competition in the Disruptive Tech Category. And in October we were finalists in the Digital TV Group’s TV Transformer’s competition.

This pivotal moment confirmed our conviction that we’d identified a problem that people were willing to pay to solve.
We’re in the CreateTech sector where On-demand video has radically changed audience behaviour: audiences increasingly expect relevant TV and video content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and in a format that best suits their immediate needs.
Streaming is more than a trend; it’s the future of entertainment.

Whilst consuming more and more content, audiences have become a lot more savvy, they flick between netflix, disney, prime in search of the engaging content. As a result decision makers have to work harder to create the compulsive programming that keeps audiences subscribing.

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