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Securium Ltd

Business Proposition

Securium is a Cyber Intelligence company developing innovative products to protect businesses and individuals by detecting and preventing online harm.

Securium has 2 products: 1) Securium-Safeguard that combines psychology and Al to detect and prevent grooming and exploitation in social platforms through text analysis. The tool can also be adapted to detect and prevent catfishing, fraud and radicalisation. 2) Securium-Discover that uses targeted intelligence gathering to identify where harmful content has been disseminated, in whole or in parts. Helping with blocking access and removal. This tool can readily be used for fake news detection, reputation management, and more.

As a B2B Securium provides fast, automatic and cost-effective software tools for conversation and content analysis. It extracts rapid insight from massive-scale and mixed data to allow clients (such as monitoring offers, investigators, forensic analysts) to focus on identifying those who can do great harm, whilst reducing exposure to such materials.

Securium’s global customer segments vary, including Law Enforcement Agencies, Digital Forensic Analysis companies, reputation management and revenue protection companies, social platforms, school monitoring companies and more.

Investment Ask

£500k – £999k