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Business Proposition

Scrapp is a green-tech start-up on a mission to make recycling simple. We aim to remove the barriers for anyone to make informed disposal decisions by simply scanning the barcode of any household item’s packaging. Scrapp will instantly inform the user exactly how to dispose of each part of the packaging correctly, according to their local authority’s recycling rules. Each time they recycle right, we remove ocean plastic on their behalf.

Scrapp generates revenue through its SaaS with services platform, which empowers brands and retailers to demonstrate and track the environmental impact of their product inventory to comply with sustainability targets. We audit their packaging and allow any of their customers to get the correct disposal guidance on their products through our consumer-facing app.

This database will be instrumental in monitoring and tracking the weight, carbon emissions and material throughput of the household product packaging market. The database can be utilised in a range of industries, such as consumer goods distribution, recycling and environmental impact assessments. We have already discovered our technology systems are beneficial to material waste processors, who we have partnership agreements with to license our data infrastructure to.

We understand that the circular economy relies heavily on the optimisation of data. Understanding and tracking the weight, size, shape and materials of household packaging through digital means, is crucial to measuring their circularity throughout the supply chain. This understanding has a positive network effect, as waste can be better separated and distributed, in turn creating value to the secondary materials market. This has the potential to make post-recycled waste compete with the current pricing of cheaper raw materials, making it a viable alternative for manufacturing.

Single, dual, and multi-stream recycling methods are adopted in countries worldwide and Scrapp’s proprietary Geospatial Information System (GIS) can be used in any country with recycling infrastructure. Some solutions have been developed to reduce contamination in the consumer recycling stream, both in apps and physical sorting bins. Their business models have required great reliance on partnerships resulting in slow growth. Physical separation bins require large capital injections.

The long-term impact of Scrapp is phenomenal. With the database we are building, Scrapp can become the centralised point of all packaging information, accessed through our own API. All product inventories globally can utilise the data, to begin digitally mapping the flows of material goods throughout the supply chain. This insight is incredibly valuable to all ends of the supply chain, playing an instrumental part in developing the digital transition to the circular economy. Our systems can accommodate changes to RFID tagging or QR codes too. The data can become a point of reference for EPR compliance and packaging carbon assessments globally, empowering brands and supermarkets globally to reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

Scrapp Ltd is a pre-trading business, registered in Edinburgh, UK. It is wholly-owned by Scrapp LLC, registered in Boston, US. We have a trademark of Scrapp and a patent application under review – both owned by Scrapp LLC, licensed to Scrapp Ltd.

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