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Rostra Therapeutics

Business Proposition

Rostra Therapeutics is in the business of discovering and developing a unique and novel platform of multi-targeted anti-infective drugs to treat very sick patients with serious infections of different aetiology including those caused by bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic pathogens. This platform of novel molecules, the Strathclyde Minor Groove Binders (S-MGBs) has been developed under the leadership of Professor Colin Suckling at the University of Strathclyde. Their multi-targeted mode of action is unique in the anti-infective therapy area, leading to sustainable activity against pathogens resistant to other anti-infectives, providing much needed drugs to address global infectious diseases including the potential 10m deaths due to anti-microbial resistance forecasted by 2050. IP submission for Rostra’s portfolio of S-MGBs will occur 1Q 2022.

Investment Ask