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Roslin Technologies Ltd.

Business Proposition

Roslin Tech is the leader in providing animal stem cells to cultivated meat producers.

Our core competency is the creation of pluripotent cell lines that self-renew forever and can differentiate into any tissue. Our cell lines outperform other cell lines on key performance metrics such as number of doublings (400+) and doubling times (<20 hours/doubling). We have pork and poultry lines available for commercial use and are currently developing cell lines for beef and lamb.

Perpetual self-renewing cells are essential for the cultivated meat industry to move from existing prototyping and small-batch production to large-scale production. The cells currently in use by the industry have a finite lifespan and can only produce a fraction of a daily production run for a sizeable traditional meat producer. This implies that every day, a company needs to sample animals dozens or hundreds of times, isolate the cells, grow them in culture, and introduce them into a sterile system. This adds a major source of variation and contamination risk thereby reducing production efficiency and creating food safety risks.

At Roslin Tech, we are making cells available to all cultivated meat producers under long term, collaborative, royalty-based agreements. Cultivated meat producers in the US, EU and UK are using our cells today. We have also set up a cell-based pet food venture with a leading UK investor.

We are investing in (a) expansion of species, (b) scale up capability to be able to provide our customers with cost-competitive media formulations and differentiation protocols and (c) the next generation of cells. We work closely with academic and industry partners to make our cells compatible with other technologies.

Our vision is to create and lead the cell line market for cultivated meat and set the standard for high quality cells.

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