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Robotics Cats

Business Proposition

We develop machine vision and analytics platforms to mitigate wildfire risks and damages by early detection. We work with our partners to provide our solutions to national parks, plantation companies, renewables, energy grids, smart cities, and property owners in 11 countries in Asia, LATAM, and Europe.

Our main competitors are EVS in South Africa and IQ-FireWatch in Germany.

Our competitive advantages:
1.Our Machine Learning-based wildfire detection performs better than the standard computer vision change detection method
2.Our wildfire detection solution is camera hardware agnostics while other supports their own proprietary hardware devices only
3.Our solution is quick to deploy (in less than an hour) while others take days to install and set up.

We develop our Machine Learning detection models using our proprietary training data set of 500,000+ early-stage wildfire photos. We design and build our analytics platforms.

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