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Business Proposition

The largest complaint to the NHS is a lack of clear communication from clinician to patient, and 1-4 GP appointments are wasted due to people not properly being informed.

Every year, the NHS spends over £400m on consent related negligence lawsuits, where patients do not feel that they have been given all of the information about a procedure before it is carried out.

Tailored Talks is an NHS Lothian approved strategic presentation platform, that allows healthcare professionals to build up bespoke presentations for their patients, ensuring they are fully informed throughout their healthcare journey.

Our work in partnership with health organisations, healthcare professionals and the third sector is revoltionising the way patients are given information at each step of their journey. From presenting the right information at the right time to gain informed patient consent, to getting patients back on their feet with personalised rehabilitation advice.

Tailored Talks has 2 aspects: Tailored Talks pathway (getting patients bespoke information) and Tailored Talks consent (tracking and storing remote consent).

We are currently working in the following pathways:

COVID-19 – There are over 500 COVID-19 related slides on Tailored Talks, and we are piloting a new mobile application in NHS Lothian called MyCOVIDapp. The app will allow for every long COVID patient in Lothian to receive personalised advice on long-COVID.

Stroke – Tailored Talks stroke is in use by Stroke clinicians Scotland-wide with plans for trails in new markets including NHS England.

Neurology – We have developed content for 14 of the key Neurological conditions in Scotland and will be rolling this out in the next 6-8 months.

Cancer – We are working in partnership with Edinburgh Cancer Centre and Macmillan to give breast cancer patients bespoke advice on their condition. We are also working with Edinburgh Cancer Centre to build the remote consent tracking platform.

COPD – We are working with NHS GGC to integrate Tailored Talks into their COPD management platform.

Tailored Talks’ functionality across both communication and consent is unique. Whilst there are tools to help give patients information throughout their recovery, there is nothing that works throughout the pathway, ensuring the patient is given the correct advice every step of the way.

We own the IP and can sell the platform and its rich, valuable content, produced by clinical leaders, to any organisation in the world.

We are looking for £1m to increase our sales and marketing capability, develop the Tailored Talks Platform further by building our own Consent engine and develop our 2nd digital health product Care Calendar further.

By December 2024 the investment would enable us to achieve revenue of £5.8 million and profit of £2.9 million, and placing us in a strong position to launch into high growth international markets in 2025.

Using our subscription based business model our return on investment improves over time as the majority of business costs are incurred within the initial product development and first sales efforts and the maintenance costs are low.

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