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Planetary Ai Ltd

Business Proposition

A critical mineral (net zero resources) exploration & identification platform whereby explorers can access intelligent mineral targeting tools that combines the advances in satellite data, artificial intelligence, & existing terrestrial data to better understand the surface & subsurface geology of the earth & other celestial bodies.
What makes the platform unique is combining satellite derived data with a proven geological exploration platform (Xplore) which uses semantic technology, designed by veteran geologists from the mining industry that can target minerals specific to the unique geological environment. Melding this with datasets from the satellite sector will produce something unique & not currently available to the market. There are other companies who provide these services separately but not an integrated approach.

Our service will significantly reduce the risk & costs of mineral exploration, leading to an increase is resource identification rate & hence spearhead the drive to an increased extraction rate of those resources imperative to meeting the global low carbon /net zero goals, such as lithium, battery elements & rare earth minerals.
With the ability to detect rock alteration & primary ore mineral signatures, multi-spectral & hyper-spectral satellite based remote sensing can provide valuable information about the surface mineralogy & geology, which can be a direct indicator of subsurface geology & presence of ore bodies. However, this can only be effectively achieved if a reliable method of ensuring correct methods of calibration & interpretation of the data is available. Planetary-Ai will provide this capability.

At the heart of the platform is its exceptional capability to house huge amounts of geological knowledge, which is automatically applied to large sets of geological data. The system rapidly tests the different types of datasets that exist for a region, including regional geology, geochemistry, known mineral occurrences & other data sources, against a set of well-established, non-statistical but empirically based geological rules governing up to 50 of the known mineralisation models worldwide.

Currently the Xplore platform utilises all the traditional geological exploration data types, in order to produce mineral prospectivity maps. Our goal is to further develop the platform to enable the integration of satellite data into the analysis process thereby further & significantly improving the capabilities of the system.
This will enable the Xplore platform to produce greatly enhanced, customized value-adding, early-stage prospectivity maps to guide mineral explorers & senior decision-makers to make well-informed decisions regarding the selection of certain commodities & the identification of potential concession areas for exploration, as well as influencing the crucial decision-making process to raise investment. We believe that this enhanced Xplore platform offers a unique offering to the mineral resources industry, which will have global market appeal with a particular focus being made to the ‘renewable / low carbon’ resource sector.

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