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Business Proposition

The ability to accurately detect veterinary disease is vitally important for animal and human health, economic development, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Currently, 1.3 billion people depend directly on livestock for their livelihoods but, incredibly, one in five farm animals are lost to disease. A lack of reliable, early diagnostics leads to an inability to treat or target disease for eradication resulting in reduced productivity and food safety concerns.

In the companion animal market, undetected illness leads to reduced longevity and compromised quality of life, while in the equine industry, disease leads to reduced performance in racing and eventing.

Our biomarker testing with bespoke artificial Intelligence modelling provides accurate, early diagnostics for a range of diseases in all species. This novel testing method is quick, highly sensitive and highly specific yet requires minimal laboratory space to run. The target microRNAs can be detected in a simple blood sample.

The global veterinary diagnostic testing market is worth $4 billion USD each year and is growing rapidly. The UK accounts for 5% of this market. We intend to work with veterinary surgeons in the UK and Europe initially and have scope for global collaborations with Governments and NGO’s that will aid our international expansion.

Our vision is to create a unique and internationally recognised veterinary diagnostics company. We will revolutionise early disease detection with our pioneering technology, offering a suite of tests combined with our powerful AI system to help owners, farmers, animals and the environment.

This unique test is based on miRNAs, a class of small RNAs which have been identified as key regulators of the immune system. MicroRNAs are part of the nucleic acid family and different tissues contain different miRNAs resulting in highly specific biomarker profiles for diagnostic testing. Different disease processes result in varying patterns of miRNAs, as they either increase or decrease in response, giving highly sensitive results. Therefore, differential miRNA expression can be used to identify specific disease. MicroRNAs are stable and the technology now exists for high throughput, low-cost testing completed in one day.As proof of concept, and to allow the company to benefit from the lucrative companion animal market, we have developed a heart disease test for cats and dogs. This cardiac panel is the first test of its kind. It holds substantial amounts of diagnostic information, which is the keystone to patient management and, ultimately, survival. Combined with our machine learning algorithms, we are able to detect disease in its early stages. This redefines the way heart disease is managed and is both lifesaving and life changing. This test has now been launched as a diagnostic and monitoring tool to the national market.

This heart disease panel can be extrapolated to the equine market, with some additional research and development, so we plan to launch an equine test in 2022.

Production animal research and development has also begun. The team has been successful in achieving Innovate UK funding and will be targeting the endemic, chronic wasting condition, Johne’s disease.

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