2022 Cohort > METERology


Business Proposition

We have a couple of software solutions for energy and power quality management. METERology is an energy management tool that automatically collects energy consumption data from a variety of sources (energy provider feeds, locally installed sub meters, remote 4G connected meters, etc.) and provides an easy to use graphical interface to investigate and identify excessive energy use and to verify the effectiveness of energy saving measures. Alarming, baseload analysis, performance benchmarking assist in managing large scale energy use over multiple buildings and over large property portfolios. PowerHealth is a complementary software products the measures and monitors current and voltage in real time, providing real time alarming for excessive current demand or supply over-voltage issues. This is an increasing concern as processes are de-carbonised (by electrification) and the generation landscape changes with much more localised micro-generation creating voltage anomalies on the grid with their associated affect on sensitive electrical equipment.

Investment Ask

£500k – £999k