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Infix Support

Business Proposition

Infix is a clinician-led, cloud-enabled technology platform targeting significant improvements in theatre efficiency in the NHS. Using cloud-first processing, patient waiting lists are populated automatically from electronic patient records with real-time updates. The automation of patient data on the Infix platform is controlled, secure and privacy-led. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy healthcare systems

With one of the most rapidly growing markets within healthcare, infix is in prime position to take a significant share within the waiting list management, theatre scheduling and remote patient access sector.

Following a 4-month proof of concept in a large NHS health board we increased theatre utilisation by 26.8%. Ownership of NHS data
Infix owns 5 years worth of NHS theatre operation data which as well as a valuable asset, drives the platform

Customer data approach
When we onboard a new customer we do not need access to new data
Our offering is the potential for an AI driven platform with our base data and all future data the client inputs
This will continue to enhance and modify the platform to continually improve patient outcomes

Commercially ready product
Our SaaS product, once purchased, can be installed and run in current format

Fully integrated to all major EHR systems
We have a proven integration with TrakCare (Intersystems)
Strategic partner with global integration company with vast experience with all major companies such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and MediTech

Clinician-led team
Driven co-founders have managed impressive traction in healthcare in under 2 years
Our plan to expand and improve our team with allow us to scale to a global level

Coding to allow the function of our product is entirely owned by Infix and has legal documentation in place. As we progress the product to improve through sprint tests, an intellectual property contract is in place to ensure all iterations of the concept are owned by Infix. Infix support has not applied for any patents at time of application but have investigated the existence of intellectual property involved in the planned project and currently there are no products with the combination of functions we provide. Going forward we have support from Scottish Enterprise for funding for a more detailed IP search and also the application of part of our coding that is unique. At present the ability to store and ‘hook’ on national NHS data to an operation code (OPCS-4 code) is our main USP.

The global medical scheduling software market size is expected to reach over USD $950 million by 2028, registering a CAGR of over 13% over the forecast period. The CAGR of over 13% shows this is one of the fastest growing sectors in digital health software and with the fallout from Covid-19 may even see a more rapid rise. The industry participants are focusing on product launches, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers & acquisitions to remain competitive.

We have done a robust competitor SWOT analysis and although there are strong competitors in the market, including the large US medical companies, our main advantage is our ability to integrate into multiple systems and the ownership of a high volume of NHS data to drive the product. This data is unique to our product and allows our customers to benchmark times and therefore reduce the variability to their services.

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