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Energy Mutual Ltd.

Business Proposition

There are over 1 million distributed energy generators in the UK which range from roof-top solar PV to sub-5MW hydropower systems. We are also seeing hundreds of thousands of EV charging points and heat pumps being installed each year to meet net zero heating and transport requirements.

So while most of the world is focussed on installing these new energy systems, how do we ensure that these devices continue to operate efficiently throughout their lifetime?

At Energy Mutual, we are standardising the management of these distributed energy assets through a highly scalable software solution that can monitor, optimise and manage this diverse collection of energy devices. By working in collaboration with our clients we are further able to identify innovation opportunities to create more integrated energy systems that enhance the value of their assets.

We offer an online software subscription service to asset owners with pricing based on the size and type of the energy asset. We want to help households, businesses and councils manage there energy assets under one software platform. This saves significant management and reporting time and allows users to identify and track underperformance across their energy assets quickly and easily.

This type of asset management system is widely used in utility scale power generation but we have yet to see a product that is focussed on managing smaller, distributed energy assets that are often owned by non-technical individuals or organisations. At the utility scale; GreenByte, 3megawatt and PowerFactors joined forces in 2021 to create the strongest utility-scale wind and solar asset management software on the market.

Energy Mutual is currently focussed on small scale hydropower and managing energy assets for private estates, community groups and councils. However, we also see a longer term opportunity to help smaller businesses and households manage their new energy devices on a standardised management platform.

In addition to system monitoring and optimisation, our aim is to provide impartial support to non-technical owners of distributed energy assets such as, grouped selling of electricity generation, grouped insurance products and servicing/fault management.

Investment Ask

£500k – £999k