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Danu Robotics Ltd

The world generates 3bn tonnes of domestic waste annually, and less than 10% of it is recycled. This is because the current recycling process is manual and is profoundly inefficient. The recyclables generated through the current process, contain a very high percentage of contaminants which result in them either ending up in landfill or having to go through a costly secondary manual process for them to be usable. These incur a very high economic cost to the recycling and reuse companies and an extremely high environmental cost.

At Danu Robotics, we are developing an advanced robotic sorting system that can automate the waste sorting process with speed and accuracy. It can reduce the contamination rates from the current level that ranges from 50% to 10% to below 1% while saving on operating costs ranging from 30% to 100%.

Our system is designed to be sustainable, flexible, affordable, scalable and future proof. It can not only automate the waste sorting process at a typical Material Recovery Facility (MRF), but also can be used as a standalone waste sorting system. Our technology can help recycling companies recoup their investment within two years time and double their profit within three/four years time.

We have applied for a method patent for our technology in Nov 2021, the result is pending. We own trademark and copyright over our brand and website.


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