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CyberShell Solutions Ltd

Business Proposition

Global cyber spend will hit $280B by 2027. Cybercrime will continue to rise and cost businesses, globally, more than $6 trillion annually by 2021 (Cybersecurity-Ventures magazine, 2020). Cyber security has become a major challenge for organisations both in terms of the resulting costs and to brand/reputation damage when it comes to digital exposure to hackers. Today the problem is tackled via reactive solutions either by penetration testing, typically towards the end of the software development, after the software has been deployed, or when they have been hacked. Due to the recurring nature of software vulnerabilities, industry needs a solution to ‘bake security in’ from the start. The European cybersecurity market is forecast to exceed $65B by 2025.

Cybershell Solutions have developed IP that bakes-in cyber resilience at the outset of the software development process, by removing the core vulnerabilities at the lowest cost stage, saving the organisations millions financially while protecting their reputation in the process.
Cybershell Solutions unique IP comes in two complementary parts
• Our unique database of some 7 million current exploitations, harvested from our 24/7 scanning processes, identifies and adds the most recent hacker attack patterns.
• Our AI Intelligent Analyzer that optimises resistance to these attack patterns and matches exposure with safe matching solutions throughout the development process.

• While Cyber Solutions IP can benefit every software platform development we envisage our primary opportunity in those sectors with the largest financial exposure to cyber attacks and where our platform will have greatest impact. To date financial services incurred the highest cybercrime costs of all industries.
• Studies indicate that since the pandemic, banks faced a 238 per cent surge in attacks. They can be devastating to the economy, given their interdependence and daily transactions. The United States Federal Reserve Bank of New York says: “Compromising any of the five most active United States banks will result in significant impacts to other banks,” resulting in USD130 billion of forgone payment activity. Unsurprisingly, the average cost of a data breach in Finance is 52 per cent greater than average

• CyberShell Solutions’ initial target markets include funds & investments, insurance, investment banking, life assurance & pensions, business & retail banking. While we anticipate I high uptake of our product within the finance sector, larger enterprises can be challenging to break into. Our initial target market are the many outsourced service companies supporting the resources in the financial sector. There are 602 testing service companies employing 7,824 employees the bulk of which are testing professionals. The proposition with these businesses is a competitive advantage these will get in their respective markets

Investment Ask

£500k – £999k