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Continulus Limited

Business Proposition

Continulus aims to be the global leader in healthcare CPD through building a community of engaged healthcare professionals committed to global health equity.

Ensuring healthcare professionals have timely access to new knowledge has never been more important. Through our Corpus Continulus product we ensure that global healthcare professionals have the opportunity to learn online from an unrivalled faculty of world-leading experts.

We offer free access to online lectures, with a fair price for premium features based on location and profession. We also donate 4% of revenue to global healthcare projects.

We currently have c.10,000 registered users across 138 countries, with the c.80% across Australia, UK, Canada and the US. We are also progressing routes to significant markets across Africa and South-East Asia alongside experienced local partners. We plan to market the Corpus globally to hospitals, colleges, universities and national societies, and to individual healthcare professionals, through a subscription model.

Equity in the provision of global health education is a strong focus for Continulus. Providing Corpus access across low and middle-income countries is a key reason as to why our speakers contribute to the Corpus. As well as our activities in our core markets, we are currently progressing routes to market entry across Africa and South East Asia alongside experienced local partners.

The Corpus comprises a number of online libraries, with each focused on specific medical specialisms. Our first two libraries, in Critical Care Medicine and Critical Care Nursing, will launch in February 2022. Further libraries in Emergency Medicine, Sepsis, Infectious Diseases and Cancer Care will follow over the course of 2022. The purpose of the libraries is to shorten knowledge translation and provide all healthcare professionals with a means to stay updated in a convenient, accessible and inclusive way.

Each library will contain over 100 lectures which are updated at least annually, short in duration (<20 minutes), high impact and delivered by peer-reviewed subject experts drawn from around the globe. The “invite only” nature of our faculty ensures a continued high quality and represents our key USP, which is very difficult to swiftly replicate. Continulus currently has no patented IP.

The healthcare edtech market is significant and ranges from large well-funded listed generalist players with a medical offering such as Coursera (US $3bn market cap.) and Udemy ($2bn) through to pure-play medical education businesses such as Lecturio ($45m raise), Osmosis ($4m Series A), Amboss (€30m Series B), UpHill (€4.5m seed) and MedAll ($3.4m, seed). Few of these businesses are focused on the CPD market, and those that do cater for CPD, such as Giblib or Altus Learn are focused on specific areas, such as surgery in Giblib’s case or offer different content to Continulus, such as third-party courses, rather than the dynamic, cutting edge learning delivered by our unrivalled faculty and provided through Corpus Continulus.

We have yet to identify a competitor with the social purpose, strength of speaker faculty and clear focus on reducing the research-to-practice gap that is offered by Continulus.

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