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Alta IP Limited

Business Proposition

IP is an undervalued / unknown asset of many businesses. From protecting the business from replication of its products/services, to adding significant shareholder value, the process of identifying, protecting, managing and defending IP is both complex and expensive.

At an early stage, it is unlikely that a business will have the experience, resource or funds to identify IP correctly.

At later stages, the process remains complex and other factors such as fund raising, growth and business positioning push IP back to a lower priority.

Engaging an IP attorney is complex and costly as frequently the scope is limited and the work becomes an iterative process and both time consuming and costly. Therefore, providing a series of applications that guide the business through these numerous stages with a structured process of engagement allows the identification and preparation of IP at the correct stage to the correct level.

Alta IP Limited is a SaaS business developing and commercialising a suite of software applications supporting the identification, protection, management, valuation and mapping of IP by innovative businesses. Using the applications, businesses can develop a cohesive IP strategy at a pace and expenditure that fits with the stage of the company’s growth.

Alta IP’s competition is very narrow and it ranges from a limited-use and expensive IP application created without deep IP domain knowledge, to suites of ‘home-made’ templates developed and used by in-house IP groups.

The competitive advantages of Alta IP’s suite of applications arise from the low-cost and interactive nature of these applications, coupled with continual IP evaluation and mapping of the value created by innovative businesses.

The suite of Alta IP’s applications has been developed by Dr. Claudia M. Duffy based on her IP domain knowledge. The IP residing in the applications will be assigned to Alta IP.

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