As ever, we have a fantastic array of companies pitching at EIE this year, and, as with previous years, we have a balance of one minute pitches and extended pitches.

A full list of the EIE20 cohort can be found here.

There will be seven companies delivering extended pitches live at the showcase event before the judging panel. Some of these firms are looking to secure investment packages up to £2 million. Take a look at those in the running.


The Glasgow-based sensor tech firm, Beringar, specialises in the real-time monitoring of workplaces.

Founded in 2016 by two chartered surveyors, Paul Byrne and Mark Sorsa-Leslie, the company uses IoT sensor technology, machine learning and data analytics to provide insights into how spaces are used in offices and building spaces.

Using Beringar’s technology, organisations can accurately view how many people are in certain areas of a building and how long people dwell in a particular space.

Additionally, sensor technology provides detailed insights into air quality, ambient light and sound levels across multiple storeys.

Earlier this year, Beringar was one of four companies to win a package of support from CENSIS to develop new IoT-focused cybersecurity products.

Alongside PolyDigi Tech, Lupovis and Craft Prospect, Beringar secured its place on the first CENSIS IoT Cyber Security Accelerator. The company’s inclusion in the programme will see it receive product support and business development guidance.


Edinburgh-based travel technology firm Criton helps hospitality and hotel firms transform their relationship with customers.

The Criton guest engagement app allows hotels, for example, to fully digitise its guestbook and provide customers with a custom app to boost engagement, save money and earn from each booking made.

Criton says its platform can help maximise efficiency, reduce operating costs and, crucially, improve customer satisfaction and have them coming back for more.

The firm employs staff in both Edinburgh and London and has worked with a host of major brands across the UK. During the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Criton announced it would make its guest engagement platform free to use for hotels until 2021.

In 2017, Criton secured £5 million investment and, at EIE20, the company is pitching for an investment of £2 million.

Decipher Analytics Limited

This dynamic MedTech company is helping break down silos to make medical data more accessible and impactful.

Based in Edinburgh, Decipher Analytics works with universities and healthcare practitioners to enhance patient treatment and drug administration.

The company’s platform, known as a data commons, enables the secure storage, access and sharing of health data to provide safe access to detailed clinical and genomics data.

Decipher Analytics is led by CEO and co-founder, Diane Harbison, and has been raising eyebrows in the Scottish tech sector for some time now. At EIE20, Harbison will pitch for £1-2 million investment.

Know You More

Know You More is a digital coaching platform that helps organisations provide executive-level training to staff.

Co-founded by Tim Mart and Chirag Mehta, the Edinburgh-based firm’s virtual coaching platform connects organisations with coaches and enables them to guide and shape their international development programmes.

Since its launch, Know You More has delivered coaching to improve leadership development and mental wellbeing for thousands of people and has worked with a range of organisations including NHS Scotland, Ocado and Siemens.

In August this year, the firm announced it is raising up to £400,000 in SEIS/EIS investment capital to support its rapid expansion. At EIE20, the firm will pitch for £500-999,000 investment.

Limitless Insight

One of the most exciting startups on the scene in Belfast, retail analytics firm Limitless Insights will be pitching for £500-999,000 investment at EIE20.

The Limitless retail analytics platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable businesses to combine location, store and external data and generate detailed consumer insights.

The firm is working with a range of high-profile brands, including Tesco Ireland and Coca Cola, to provide services.

Peachy Mondays

HR technology startup, Peachy Mondays, aims to transform the way businesses deal with employees and improve the employee-employer relationship.

The Peachy Mondays employee feedback platform provides companies with a simple, easy-to-use method of gathering and acting on employee feedback. The company says it aims to provide a “holistic approach to all employee feedback, offering one familiar interface for employees and one central hub for employers”.

A range of global organisations currently use the Peachy Mondays employee feedback platform, and the firm is growing rapidly. In June this year, the Edinburgh-based startup announced Silicon Valley veteran Aaron Ross as its first advisory board member.

Co-founder James Anderson will pitch live at EIE20 for £2 million investment.


Soar is one of the most exciting fintech startups Scotland has to offer right now.

The Glasgow-based firm, launched by entrepreneur Andrew Duncan in 2017, provides cloud-based integrated banking platforms to credit unions and not-for-profit banking organisations. The company’s platform enables ethical institutions to analyse and manage data more securely and efficiently.

Soar says its apps are intended to “enable those in the ethical finance sector to better meet the demands of their communities”.

The company has raised eyebrows in the Scottish tech sector over the last three years and was a double award winner at the 2019 Scottish Financial Technology Awards. Similarly, the company has grown rapidly since its launch, having moved to a larger unit in Glasgow and securing significant funding in 2019.

Andrew Duncan will pitch for an investment of £1-2 million at EIE20.

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