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#EIE21 (note capital letters) on EVERY SINGLE TWEET to do with the event!

#MoreThanADay – use this when we are illustrating support IV provides to companies, or events that are part of the Investor readiness programme eg. Bootcamp, Pitch to Pitch, Investor 100 etc. Its used to highlight that we are not just there for one day!

#DataDriven – this is to position The University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre and EIE at the heart of the DDI.

#ScotlandIsNow – this is a Scotland wide campaign highlighting the vibrancy of Scotland. It has a strong innovation and entrepreneurial thread so use this when we want to showcase that exciting things are happening here.

#IdeasBecomeLegend – this is a Visit Scotland campaign positioning the country as a place of ideas and innovation.

#pitchfit – Maryanne Johnston’s hashtag – use it in anything that relates to her, or to the cohort practising their pitches.