Global Surface Intelligence

[EIE 2013, 2014, 2018 & EIE London 2013 & 2014 Alumni]

Edinburgh-based geospatial analytics company, Global Surface Intelligence (GSI), has secured a six-figure deal to provide data analysis services in Ontario, Canada.

The Scottish Earth observation and artificial intelligence firm uses satellite, radar and ground survey data to provide ‘next-generation’ AI-powered insights on forestry and agriculture assets for businesses.

Gavin Tweedie, CEO of GSI, commented: “Canada has an abundance of naturally regenerated forests, making it difficult to establish good statistics due to its vast area and mix of tree age and species in these forests.”
“Using earth observation data, we can help quantify these elements and detect changes over time to draw out valuable insights into the health and productivity of the forest. Data is necessary to support effective business and policy decisions.”


Published 30 July 2019