EIE is an Investor Readiness Programme that offers the most advanced start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to undergo an intensive programme to make them investor ready. This programme culminates at our technology investor showcase, where we bring together our cohort of incredible companies with international investors. Please purchase your tickets here for this year’s showcase taking place virtually on 6th October 2022.

As we lead up to the showcase, we are pleased to offer you an in-depth look at the companies in our current cohort.

The cohort for EIE22 comprises the most innovative companies spanning multiple sectors of interest, and in this new series of stories, we will feature companies that will be pitching for investment at the investor showcase in early October.

Our next feature is on Continulus, whose founder’s focus on health equality is the driving force behind the idea of giving all healthcare professionals access to courses and lectures with leading global healthcare experts.

Founder Eoghan Colgan, an emergency medicine doctor from Northern Ireland with a passion for education and health equality, initially founded Continulus to solve his own frustrations with inaccessibility to high-quality continuing education.

“After completing our training, doctors and nurses must keep themselves up-to-date for the rest of their 35-40-year career. Medical research is accelerating and keeping abreast of the advancements in knowledge is challenging. So, we aim to make it easy and fair for all clinicians to access what they need.”

According to Colgan, the question is usually:

“What is the ‘best’ way for me to treat conditions and how are advancements in technology, knowledge and research impacting my decision-making?”

“Very few clinicians read journals anymore or know how to interpret the data. There is a bewildering array of online content, with some unaccredited, out-of-date or delivered by unknown ‘experts.’ Access to the leading subject experts in the world has long been the preserve of those that could afford to travel to international conferences which are costly, time inefficient, and carbon-unfriendly,” says Colgan, who notes that healthcare professionals are increasingly time-pressured and stressed.

Eoghan Colgan

Continulus creates video pocketbooks of lectures with global experts in partnership with leading international healthcare organisations.

When clinicians need access to the latest evidence-based best practice, they can watch a short video update on their mobile or computer from a leading international expert. As a result, clinicians can stay up-to-date more efficiently and acquire a higher standard of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) than ever before.

Colgan believes that improved access to knowledge helps to raise standards of care globally which will benefit all citizens of the world.

The biggest hurdle for Continulus has been handling the growing opportunities, particularly following COVID.

“We now have what I believe to be a market-leading product and the greatest challenge for us now is to scale quickly enough to meet the demand. Our next round of funding will greatly assist with making key hires across technology, sales and marketing,” says Colgan.

“Continulus is now at the stage where we believe we have a compelling proposition to put in front of the wide and varied investor base that EIE has to offer. However, whilst an exciting prospect, we need to be properly prepared and therefore the support offered through the Investor Readiness Programme will be of significant value for the EIE pitch, and beyond, as we look to maximise the impact of Continulus.”

Colgan states that the ideal investor for Continulus is someone with skills and values aligned to Continulus and who are looking to create significant impact.

“We are looking for committed, knowledgeable investors that share our impact ethos, who can make a good return on their investment whilst also contributing to a healthier world.”

You can purchase tickets now to watch Continulus and other companies in the EIE22 cohort presenting to investors and pitching for investment at the premier showcase taking place this year on 6th October.

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