This week we got the perspective EIE alumni, David Hunter, CEO and Founder of Shot Scope, who first pitched at EIE in 2015.

Shot Scope, how did it all start?

David is the CEO and founder of Shot Scope, a golf improvement product that tracks distance and records your shots. David gave us a little insight into how the company emerged and how the founding team are still in place, leading the company.

What has been the biggest challenge you and your founding team have faced?

Given that most of the founding team are still in place, it’s fair to assume they have experienced some challenges in the last five years. David talks to us about the growth mindset that exists in his team, and how they are hungry to learn, develop and get better.

How important are EIE and other competitions are to startups?

As EIE alumni, we were keen to understand how important events like this are in the startup process and where the added value is. Certainly, the training and preparation that is provided as part of the process from the likes of Maryanne Johnston and others, are critical according to David.

Scotland’s startup ecosystem is exceptional

Mark Logan talked extensively in his report about just how healthy the ecosystem is in Scotland. We wanted to understand how a founder like David makes the best use of the ecosystem and how much he values it. It turns out, our ecosystem is very highly rated across the world based on his discussions.

Where next for Shot Scope?

Finally, we had a look at where next for Shot Scope. What does the future hold for David and his founding team? Certainly, golf’s popularity has grown through the pandemic and as V3 sold out in three weeks there is lots to be getting on with at Shot Scope.