EIE 2020 will be held on 23 April 2020


23 April 2020




Informatics Ventures

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EIE is the premier technology investor showcase. Our annual EIE conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.

Who is EIE for?

We welcome applications from the following data-driven nine sectors:

How could your background support your pitch. With so many pitches and only 1 minute to convince investors don't just settle for a white background. #investment #business #startup #scaleup #EIE20 @infventures https://www.eie-invest.com/tell-me-about-your-background/

Well done to @EarthBlox and Ten Bio for their well-deserved wins in the Converge Challenge! Also hats off to @ConvergeC for a brilliant virtual ceremony - we also endorse the floated idea of a 2020 cohort party when things are back to normal...

Congratulations to all the Converge Challenge team, to the mentors and trainers, and all the entrepreneurs who took part. The future looks bright for Scotland with this talent around.#ConvergeAwards @ConvergeC

Many Congratulations to Genevieve Patenaude of EarthBlox on being the Converge Challenge winner @ConvergeC #ConvergeAwards

Very uplifting and positive Q & A with Kresse Wesling MBE @elvisandkresse at the #ConvergeAwards tonight. I hope everyone tries out the Recycle Bin challenge Kresse suggests.

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