EIE 2020 will be held on 23 April 2020


23 April 2020




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EIE is the premier technology investor showcase. Our annual EIE conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.

Who is EIE for?

We welcome applications from the following data-driven nine sectors:

Good to see these three EIE alumni companies in the new Tech Nation Net Zero 1.0 cohort @TechNation @BoxergyLtd @RouteKonnect @topolytics #NetZero #WeAreTechNation #Edinburgh #Glasgow #COP26 #CARDIFF

Why our Scottish universities can go from strength to strength - Iain Stewart https://www.scotsman.com/education/why-our-scottish-universities-can-go-strength-strength-iain-stewart-3041868

Shoutout for @DASAccelerator Investment Showcase, an event that gathers a range of companies selected from over 150 organisations that have been awarded government research contracts. We're going to be there! If you want to attend, register here -> https://bit.ly/36sosm3

This is a fantastic video espousing Scotland's incredible potential, skills and world-leading industry. Watch it, then watch it again to catch all the bits you missed, then spread the word

#ScotlandIsNow #data #AI https://twitter.com/ScotDevInt/status/1323196928964907008

"Public trust in data-driven innovation is an invaluable fragile thing" states @ShannonVallor, our Director of @CentreTMFutures and @BaillieGifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence. The public need to be part of the journey. #DataConf20 #dataethics #AI

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