EIE alumni quizzed on big issues facing tech start-ups in Scotland

Lesley Eccles

FanDuel co-founder Lesley Eccles is back at EIE with her latest start-up Relish


Informatics Ventures has launched its 4th annual Scottish Startup Survey, quizzing around 500 EIE alumni on factors impacting their business in 2020.
Brexit, IndyRef2, digital skills, scale-up talent, funding, ecosystem support, office space and internationalisation are expected to be among the pressing themes.

Callum Murray, CEO and Founder of regulatory tech specialist Amiqus said: “Hiring post-Brexit is certainly relevant, in addition to the related question around opening an office outside the UK to counter any Brexit effect.

“Another thing I think is important is educating start-up founders around taking investment from angel syndicates and all that this entails because for every startup with a good experience of angel investing there is another with a less favourable one.”
Lesley Eccles, the FanDuel co-founder who recently launched a new venture in the wellbeing space, the relationship training app Relish , said: ”In 2015 I was invited to speak at EIE about my experience building FanDuel. I hadn’t been at the event in a few years and I remember walking into the Assembly Rooms and being totally blown away by the scale of what the event had become, and also feeling entirely unprepared to stand up on that enormous stage!
“There are many traits that entrepreneurs need and the ability to stay calm under pressure – AKA be brave – is definitely up there. I’m so proud of what EIE has become and excited to see the continued buzz about and investment in Scottish startups.”

The Scottish Startup Survey is running in association with Talent Spark and the Freer Consultancy .