Date: 8th & 9th September

Time: 10am

Location: RBS Business School, 175 Glasgow Road EH12 1HQ

We shall begin the Countdown event with the second part of Telling Your Story with Bob Keiller and Derrick Thomson from AB15.  Maryanne Johnston will join us that afternoon to run an Elevator Pitch Presentation Skills session, which will be followed by an intense hour of speed pitching by yourselves to an assembled audience of business guests drawn from across our networks. Over the hour you will have multiple opportunities to do your Elevator Pitch and receive direct feedback to help hone your message.Maryanne will join us again on the Friday for further workshop activity. You are encouraged to reflect on lessons learned, and work on your techniques to ensure you are delivering at your best whenever you need to be. And you’ll need to Practice, Practice, Practice to make sure you’re ready for the day at EIE22.