Cohort Pitch Filming

Date: From 18th – 20th July

Time: Various. Slots –  to be arranged

The recording of your EIE22 investor presentation takes place in 30 minute slots between Monday 18th July and Wednesday 20th July.
This is being done by Erin Maguire of Beyogolia Productions ( )

Please book a slot time to record your Investor Pitch Presentation with Erin here –


You will each have 30 mins allocated.

The first 10 mins is for tech checks, to get the light and audio right and, if using slide sharing. The remaining 20 mins is to get a good take.

In order to make the best of the session:

– make sure you have good light, a mic and a good looking background

– for higher quality video, where possible, use a cabled internet connection instead of wifi (use an ethernet cable plugged into your router)

– drink lots of water prior to recording and have some with you during the session

– rehearse your pitch thoroughly before attending the recording session

– for more tips see the attached pdf

Note – for continuity purposes, it would be helpful if you are wearing the same clothes and use the same background for the filming as you will have on the day on October 6th.