[EIE 2017 & 2018 Alumni]

Biotangents, a Scottish medical diagnostics business, has secured £1.5m of new investment following the completion of a second fundraising round.

The technology provides vets with the ability to diagnose potentially fatal diseases in cattle, on-site and within the same day, allowing farmers to isolate an infected animal quickly and limit spread within the herd. Traditional processes involve off-site lab testing which can take up to 7 days for results to come in, significantly increasing the risk of other animals becoming infected.

Alan Hale, CEO at Biotangents said: “The global medical diagnostics market is vast and presents a range of opportunities for us to become a global leader in the engineering of biology to produce fast, sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic products. We already know that our diagnostic platform technology can have a real impact on identifying infectious diseases, quickly, in animals and that our patent pending design can be adapted for use in many other products and applications.”


Published 9 May 2019