Edinburgh at the Heart of Innovation

6 July 2016

Edinburgh, home of two unicorns, Skyscanner and FanDuel and the largest tech investor showcase in the UK: #EIE.

Tech City News and News Statesman both released articles highlighting why Edinburgh is such an exciting place to find innovative companies and talented teams. Great coverage of our ecosystem: 


Why Edinburgh is the ultimate city to launch a tech startup

By Harvey Wheaton

Unsurprisingly, we hear praise for the city hosting two unicorns, Skyscanner and FanDuel. This article takes you through Edinburgh’s unique tech scene in terms of what it can offer to start-up businesses. Edinburgh hosts a vibrant and supportive start-up tech ecosystem, with incubators like TechCube and CodeBase, as well as Accelerators for Start-Up support, and an increasing number of funding opportunities. Its prime location allows it for great access to talent, and easy access to locations, where inspirational encounters are one step away! Find out more here.


Why Edinburgh is the ultimate city to launch a tech startup

Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, shares his take on why Edinburgh is a great city to found your tech startup in.


An unmatched font of knowledge:

by InvestEdinburgh   Edinburgh’s global reputation as a knowledge economy is rooted in the performance and international outlook of its four universities. As a multicultural ‘innovation engine’ with leading reputations for research and teaching, the University of Edinburgh’s start-ups is said to contribute more than £164m to the UK economy, such as #EIEAlumni14 pureLiFi. Edinburgh’s highly multicultural universities, offer international appeal and in the case of Heriot-Watt’s research is referenced as the future of energy. Read more here.  

An unmatched font of knowledge

    As sociologist-turned US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan recognised when asked how to create a world-class city, a strong academic offering is pivotal to any forward-looking, ambitious city. “Build a university,” he said, “and wait 200 years.” He recognised the long-term return such an investment can deliver; how a renowned academic institution can help attract the world.




By Silvia Gatti, Informatics Ventures

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